When a parent tells us, My kid loves to attend a SmartQ class! that is music to their and our ears.
By now, you would have gathered that the benefits to a Child in this program is largely based on what happens within the class-room. While the Instructor builds the interest and ensures participation of the children, the desire of the Child to be involved is important. A case of: You can take a horse to the water but cannot make it drink. Creating that mood is our responsibility.
The SmartQ program, by design, does not expect the Child to do something specific (homework) outside of the session. The core changes get triggered during the sessions and continues outside of it.
Take for example, building Curiosity. The child starts getting observant in a natural fashion; not because a homework has been given, but because (s)he enjoys it. Similarly, when the kid picks up the newspaper and attempts to solve some of the problems that are given, it is a case of application of what is being experienced in the class-room,
So, NO HOMEWORK it is for the child!
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