m1 Meghna – Mumbai partner says: “I have been one of the first few to sign-up for the SmartQ Franchise. I have known Mr. and Mrs. Rao since more than 8 years now and I was there when the idea of SmartQ was being conceived. I am so proud to see that a small germ of an idea become this hugely successful education company. I feel so happy to see so many successful SmartQ franchises and I wish all the new SmartQ partners the very best of luck. I want to tell them that they are moving in the right direction”
d1 Dominic Alphonso – Goa Partner says: “I have been with SmartQ for more than 2 years now and its always been a very positive experience. We have parents who continuously thank us for introducing SmartQ in Goa. I can see a tremendous change in the SmartQ kids. They are more curious, they are very enthusiastic and more proactive. We have constantly received a lot of support from everyone in the organization. We would just like to see SmartQ grow and achieve greater heights.”
f1 Falguni Gandhi – an Instructor in Mumbai says: “My journey with SmartQ since the last one year has been very pleasant and enjoyable. The very philosophy that SmartQ stands for is what attracted me towards it at the first place. With SmartQ, I am not only growing as a instructor but also as a human being! I really love teaching at SmartQ as the change I can see in the kids is phenomenal!”
r1 Revathy Balakrishnan – Madurai Partner says: “SmartQ is not your regular program but is totally different from all other programs out there, with its highly well structured modules. I feel there was a huge need gap which has been satisfied by SmartQ as it inculcates the habit of more and more learning in a child. I really wish SmartQ the best of luck and hope to grow alongside!”
s1 Suruchi Nathani – Gurgaon Partner says: “I have been in the SmartQ family since the last 3 years. As a SmartQ family, we have learnt how to move ahead. SmartQ has taught me a lot of things not only in my professional but also in my personal life as well. SmartQ creates individuals who are ready to face the world. I hope lots more children are benefited from SmartQ. Hope to see SmartQ grow internationally too!”