Partner Model – Retail Based



Any person, group of persons, united as a partnership company, or a Private Limited company, with a passion for education can offer the SmartQ programme as a Partner to children in the vicinity of their centre’s.

Subject to approval by SmartQ, a Professional Partner can:

1. Set up Retail, Institutional or Home centres and
2. Bring on board a team of hired centre heads and/or instructors.




As part of their initiation into the SmartQ Family, all new Partners would receive:

1. Methodology Training: This training is meant for the Partner herself/himself, and is non-transferrable. It is a necessary induction to the programme, irrespective of whether the partner would conduct the courses himself.
2. Demo kit: The demo kit comprises a single student bag with books each of Level A, B, C, 1 and 2.
3. Welcome kit: This includes marketing collaterals, such as a standee, that are given gratis to enable a jumpstart for the Partner.




A retail centre is a place where a SmartQ programme is offered to children, post the prior approval of SmartQ.

It may be situated at:

1. A School, for after-school classes
2. A Nursery/Preschool
3. A Club-house of a gated-society or
4. An Activity-Centre.

Centres will be expected to have adequate and comfortable room, and therefore a minimum size of 150 sq. ft. The room must have the facility to display training charts or electronic charts using a projectors or a LCD TV (which is at least 42 inches). Vantage space must also be available for name board/ banner/poster concerning the programme. There must be a convenient spot (not necessarily in the centre) for parents to wait until they can drop or pick-up children.
The general environment for the centre should be one where parents feel comfortable in sending their children.

For instance, high floors in a building; or a college, office or mall building may not be appropriate locations for a SmartQ centre. A desirable feature of a prospective location would be the flexibility to house multiple classrooms.
There must be provision for first-aid in case of emergencies.