Mom-preneurs Bag Meaningful Work with SmartQ

smartq1New Delhi-based SmartQ started out with a simple ambition. The company hoped to provide children aged between 5 and 12 with a form of life skills-based supplementary education. SmartQ programmes are designed to spur children’s natural thirst for learning through engagement and analyses.

By focusing on knowledge-sharing through fun and engaging means rather than rote-style education following curricula- and assessment-bound structures, SmartQ is emerging as a game-changer in the space of child personality development and grooming.

A Winning Methodology
SmartQ works on the basis of an effective four-fold model that supplies children with a balanced diet of mental stimulants. For instance, its module on GK tickles curiosity, while IQ tests develop reasoning. Puzzles develop competitive spirit among children, while vocabulary games teach them to grasp the nuances of articulation. Through these vehicles of learning, the company supplies children with ladders of learning to which they would normally have no access via the plain-vanilla compulsory education system.

An Invaluable Education Supplement
It is said that among children, nothing feeds the thirst for knowledge better than a realization that they know so much more than their peers. So, it is with SmartQ that children find that they are able to hold their own in intellectual interactions with their friends and elders. As a result of the self-esteem stemming from this realization, children are motivated to excel through a never-ending desire to learn.

Revathy Balakrishnan, a SmartQ educator/franchiser in Madurai taps a shared sentiment among more and more students’ parents when she opines that, “SmartQ is not your regular program. It is different from all other programs out there, with its well-structured modules. I feel that there was a huge need-gap which has been satisfied by SmartQ as it inculcates the habit of learning in a child.”