Developing a natural drive in children to learn and imbibe

We are a Mumbai based three year-old company, which started out as a simple idea – developing a natural drive in children to learn and imbibe – equipped with only a passion for contemporary early childhood education.

Along the way, we have received a ton of fortification and encouragement from our private equity investor, Indus Balaji. So, with our cause thus strengthened, we have been reporting strong growth over the last few months. We are already on our way to establishing a pan-India presence with 80 centres in 30 cities and towns. With only a strength of 25, we are proud to have educated more than 3,000 children thus far; with this number constantly growing.

We are signing up more and more partners to our cause, not least because educators are realising that alternative and relevant approaches to personality development and extra-curricular, wholesome knowledge-sharing is the way forward for the education sector in India.

The SmartQ programme has a four-fold objective,

gkTo stimulate curiosity and a desire for knowledge through General Knowledge (GK) trivia iqTo sharpen their skills of reasoning and logical thinking by solving Intelligence Quotient (IQ) problems
pzTo instil a healthy competitive spirit by handing them the secrets to cracking Puzzles (PZ) quickly and correctly vbTo enhance their skills of communication by engaging them in Vocabulary-games (VB).

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